About Us

Serious Web Hosting was established in 2007
to provide web hosting for serious web sites.

No Overselling: Serious Web Hosting does not and will not ever oversell shared hosting servers. Many hosting businesses make storage and bandwidth promises they simply cannot keep. If your package comes with 6gigs of storage space, you will have 6gigs of storage space, period.

Solid Servers: We use enterprise grade SuperMicro AMD and Intel servers with multi-core, multi-cpu processors and hardware raid for redundancy. No bargain bin computer hardware for us.

Robust Network: From the end to end Cisco equipment on the LAN to the 6+ backbone providers connecting us to the Internet with 60+G of bandwidth the network is fast, redundant and robust.

Quality Customer Service: With 15+ years of computer, networking and administration experience in-house we do not and will never outsource customer service. All of our engineers speak and write fluent English.

No Bull:  We have all been customers of other web hosting companies and have experienced firsthand the good and the bad. We will strive to be honest and serve our customers with integrity. No Bull.

The DataCenter: Serious Web Hosting resides in the SoftLayer Datacenter located in the INFOMART telecom hotel in Dallas Texas. INFOMART holds multiple datacenters, is connected to three redundant power grids and is cooled by 5 one hundred ton water chillers.