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Wordpress Management
Serious Web Hosting can manage the technical aspects of your WordPress website.

Wordpress has become a robust content management system(CMS) and requires routine maintenance to keep it running optimally and secure.

This service includes monitoring, security and performance optimization of your WordPress website. Two packages are offered Basic and Premium. The Basic package is tailored for small wordpress sites that do not have a lot of traffic. While the Premium package includes a Content Delivery Network(CDN) and more security for larger, busier higher profile wordpress sites.

Let Serious Web Hosting manage the technology so you can focus on your content.

Security BasicPremium
Free SSL Certificate
WP Core/Plugins/Standard Themes Updates
Daily Backups
Spam filtering
Firewall configuration and monitoring
Country Blocking  
Remote Security Scans  

Performance Optimization
Search Engine Submission and Monitoring
Wordpress Caching configuration
Optimize Images for size and speed
Content Delivery Network 1TB a month transfer  

WP Site hosted at SeriousWebHosting
Hosted at SWH Monthly Package $10 $40
Hosted at SWH Yearly Package $100 $400
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WP Site Hosted Elsewhere
Hosted Elsewhere Monthly $15 $50
Hosted Elsewhere Yearly $150 $500
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